International Society of Bassists

Staff and Board of Directors

ISB Board


Kristin Korb, President
Douglas Mapp, President-Elect and Chair, 2015 Convention
David Murray, Secretary
Marcel Villaflor, Treasurer
John Kennedy, Past President

ISB Board
2014 Winter Meeting in Dallas


Jeff Campbell
Zi-Ping Chen
Mark Dresser
Claus Freudenstein
David Gage
Peter Gallagher
Bruce Gertz
Allegra Hale
Tom Knific
Alan Lewine
Andres Martin
John Schimek
Lynn Seaton
Donovan Stokes
Hans Sturm
Nicholas Walker
David Young


Lisa Brown, Social Media Outreach
Madeleine Crouch, General Manager
Forest Greenough, 2015 Convention Site Chair
Lewis Martinez, Membership Manager
Connie Martin, Editor, Bass World
Diana Gannett, 2015 ISB Double Bass Competition Chair
Dustin Williams, 2015 Makers Competition Chair
Robert Black, 2014 ISB/David Walter Composition Competition Chair


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