Basses for Sale - Submission Guidelines

Double bass-related, single-item ads for instruments, bows, accessories, CDs or publications for sale are $30 U.S. for ISB members, and $100 U.S. for non-members. Once posted, your ad will continue to run for one year, or until you cancel the ad. Minor edits allowed as long as the ad runs; however, if advertising a different item, it will be considered a new ad and another payment will be required.

Submit an ad online! (MC or VISA only)

Downloadable Ad Form (payment by check or money order, or by MC, Visa, or AmEx)

If you are not a member of the International Society of Bassists, we welcome you to join online.


  1. A brief description of the item for sale (up to 50 words). For a bow or instrument, include the following information in this format:

    Asking Price:
    Papers: (yes or no)
    String Length:
    String Set-up:
    Date Made:
    Performance Capacity: (Solo, orchestral, chamber, jazz)
    Descriptions: (up to 50 words)

  2. Send one JPEG or PNG photo of the item (optional) as an attachment to a separate email to . No animation, please.
  3. A link to a site where the item may be purchased, or your email address so that interested parties can contact you directly

The ISB reserves the right to reject an ad. Items should be sent electronically to . Put "ISB Internet Ad" in the subject line.