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As a member, please feel free to reach out directly to a Chair, Team, or Board Member about how you would like to get involved and share your vision, hopes, and perspective.

Travis Harrison

Travis Harrison Board Position: Technology Team
University / Organization: Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra; Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts; University of Manitoba
ISB member since 2017
What I Love About ISB: centralization of the passion that so many of us share around the world, and the idea that this one organization can lead to such a rich sharing of music, ideas, and beautiful performances. The openness and familial care of the ISB community helps to make up for the difficulties we all share as bass players, something that many other instrument communities sorely miss.

Jason Heath

Jason Heath Board Position: Chair, Technology Team
University / Organization: Contrabass Conversations
ISB member since 1992
What I Love About ISB: The ISB is like home to me. I've learned so much from the other members of this remarkable organization, and I'm so thankful that it exists!

John Kennedy

John Kennedy Board Position: ISB Past President & Education Team
University / Organization: Farmington (Michigan) Public Schools, free-lance performer and teacher of bassists, particularly young bassists
ISB life member, member since the 1980s
What I Love About ISB: The ISB has been central to making me the teacher, performer and musician that I am, by connecting me with mentors, peers and opportunities that have changed my musical life!

Tom Knific

Tom Knific Board Position: ISB Past President & Chair, Development Team
University / Organization: Professor of double bass and director of jazz studies, Western Michigan University
ISB life member

Alan Lewine

Alan Lewine Board Position: Legal Officer
University / Organization: Day gig as a transactional technology lawyer with Comcast, but in real life I'm a bassist, composer, and officer of Owlsong Productions, Inc.
ISB life member, member since 1981
What I Love About ISB: Bassists hold up the bottom because we are generally supportive by nature. I love the way the entire bass community works together and supports growth and development through the ISB, even as we provide an important forum for bass players to step out front.

Douglas Mapp

Douglas Mapp Board Position: Immediate Past President & Chair, Advisory Board
University / Organization: Professor of Jazz Studies and String Bass at Rowan University, member of the Reading and Delaware Symphonies
ISB life member, member since 1988, the year of my first convention in Los Angeles
What I Love About ISB: Love the community that is the ISB. Bass Love.

Gaelen McCormick

Gaelen McCormick Board Position: Education Team
University / Organization: Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra section bass, lecturer of double bass at Nazareth College of Rochester. instructor of double bass at the Eastman Community Music School, artistic coordinator for WaterMusic at Keuka College, founder and coordinator of the Rochester Bass Retreat
ISB member since 1999
What I Love About ISB: I love that our bass family has all kinds of interests that we mutually encourage and support: brand new ideas in composing, fiercely focused discussions on the details of orchestral playing, raising the next generation of players with new pedagogical ideas and materials that are being written by our own members, showcasing the wide spectrum of styles that our instrument plays in. I've really never been a part of another group that is so broad in mission yet so committed to helping one another in practical ways.

David Murray

David Murray Board Position: ISB Past President & Secretary
University / Organization: Professor of Bass, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
ISB life member, member since 1972, board member since 1997
What I Love About ISB: I love the fact that we celebrate the bass and together can help all those around us appreciate and enjoy it as much as we do. Also, we have each other and support each other, worldwide!

Sandor Ostlund

Sandor Ostlund Board Position: Chair, Competitions Team
University / Organization: Associate Professor of Double Bass, Baylor University
ISB member since 1988
What I Love About ISB: The ISB serves as a vehicle and catalyst through which the wonderful ideas and transformational growth of the double bass in the last 50 years have been disseminated and further developed. What a truly inspiring community to be a part of!

Brian Perry

Brian Perry Board Position: Strategic Planning Team
University / Organization: Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and on the faculty of SMU Meadows School of the Arts
ISB life member, member since 1996
What I Love About ISB: I love that the ISB highlights the amazing artistry and varying styles of bassists all over the world and provides a showcase for the astounding evolution of our instrument over the last several decades. The ISB also reinforces the close, family-like bond that seems to be part of a bassists' genetic code.

Tracy Rowell

Tracy Rowell Board Position: Chair, Education Team
University / Organization: Oberlin College & Conservatory
ISB member since 2012

John Schimek

John Schimek Board Position: President-Elect & 2019 Convention Chair
University / Organization: Professor of Double Bass, Wanda L. Bass School of Music, Oklahoma City University; Lead String Teaching Artist for El Sistema Oklahoma
ISB life member, member since 1974
What I Love About ISB: The ISB is probably the only organization that truly embraces the ideal of community. It is where amateur and professional, classical and jazz performer, teacher and student, composer, luthier, and businessmen from all parts of the world can come together and equally share and express ideas, concerns, successes and joy through the international language of double bass.

Donovan Stokes

Donovan Stokes Board Position: Membership Team
University / Organization: Faculty, Shenandoah Conservatory
ISB life member, member since 1991
What I Love About ISB: The ISB is where you can learn about and experience our instrument at the highest and deepest levels. No other organization respects the noble history and the grand potential of our instrument like the ISB.

Hans Sturm

Hans Sturm Board Position: ISB Past President & Chair, Governance Team
University / Organization: Associate Professor of Double Bass & Jazz Studies, Glenn Korff School of Music, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
ISB life member, member since 1982
What I Love About ISB: ISB is Bass Love. It is the touchstone for the state-of-the-art of all things bass, from education for all ages to performance of every imaginable style to the greatest bass toy shop in the known universe. Yes, ISB is Bass Love.

Marcel Villaflor

Marcel Villaflor Board Position: Treasurer & Chair, Financial Team
ISB life member

Nicholas Walker

Nicholas Walker Board Position: President & Chair, Strategic Planning Team
University / Organization: Associate Professor of Music, Ithaca College
ISB member since 1988
What I Love About ISB: The ISB is a family that can be both a foundation of support and an opening to a vast world of experiences and meaningful connections.

Patricia Weitzel

Patricia Weitzel Board Position: Chair, Membership Team
University / Organization: Augustana College
ISB member since 2009
What I Love About ISB: ISB is a community that encourages friendship and promotes communication among bass enthusiasts of all skill levels, ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. Come join us!


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