Scenes from a Modern War: Concerto for Double Bass and String Orchestra

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Scenes from a Modern War: Concerto for Double Bass and String Orchestra
Type: Concert
Dates / Times: Friday, April 28, 07:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Description: This is the premiere of Scenes from a Modern War, my concerto for double bass and string orchestra. Bass virtuoso Toby Hughes ( is performing with the Janus Ensemble ( conducted by Michael Coleby.

Scenes from a Modern War is dedicated to the people of Ukraine, and is my heartfelt response to the continuing Russian invasion. A Ukrainian folk lament, Plyve kacha, is at the heart of the piece, though it is not heard in full until the end of the final movement. Two other themes linked to Ukraine – one derived from the date of the invasion, 24.02.2022, and one from the RGB colour code of the blue-over-yellow Ukrainian flag, also play an important part.

But the solo double bass is the real poet here. Its many qualities – soulful melodic expression, burnished tone colour, and an enormous range from the depths of the bottom string up to the highest harmonics – are explored to the full, and combined with a string orchestra that supports, comments, and forcefully interrupts. The piece is in three movements:

1. Elegy
2. Night Scherzo
3. Ground, Chorale and Lament

For those who’d like to see it, the solo bass part is here:

It’s published by
Presenter(s): Toby Hughes
Janus Ensemble
Michael Coleby
Cost: £15
Contact: Ian Stephens

Location: Ian Stephens
St John’s Church, 73 Waterloo Road
London, London SE1 8TY
United Kingdom
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