ISB 2023 Convention Presenter — Caroline Doane

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Name: Caroline Doane
Presentation Date: Thursday, June 8, 2023 9:00 AM
Presentation Venue: Britton Recital Hall
Presentation Title: Intentional Tuning: An Exploration in Bass Balance
Presented / Performed Previous ISB Convention? No
Type of Presentation: Interactive Workshop
Genre: Adult Learners, Professional-in-Training, Young Learners, Pedagogy, Classical - with other collaborators, Jazz - with other collaborators, Other

Caroline Doane is a young double bass pedagogy expert.  She spends most of her time alongside our youngest players, supporting them and giving the skills and personality to become fine players.  Caroline has traveled the world studying with some of the biggest names in the bass community.  During her undergraduate studies at The Hartt School of Music, she worked closely with contemporary genius Robert Black.  One summer she had the opportunity to travel to Fortaleza, Brazil to study orchestral bass playing and chamber music with Black.  At The Hartt School, she worked on creating over 10 solo works for double bass with her composition classmates, some involving electronics and visuals.

After undergrad, Caroline headed to The Longy School of music for graduate studies with Pascale Delache-Feldman, one of the most reveled double bass pedagogues in the Boston area.  Pascale teaches young bassists at The New England Conservatory Preparatory School in Boston.   While living in Boston, Caroline studied solo bass music, Feldenkrais and electronic music.  She collaborated with her new classmate composers to create even more alarming electronic solo bass pieces.

During the summer, Caroline traveled to Victoria, British Colombia to study with the great Gary Karr at his infamous Karr Kamp.

Program (if available): Not Provided