ISB 2019 Convention Presenter — Bruce Gertz

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Name: Bruce Gertz
Presentation Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 4:00 PM
Presentation Venue: Sweeney Hall
Presentation Title: Alternative Facts
Type of Presentation: Recital
Musical Style: Jazz

         Bruce Gertz
had piano lessons at age six for a brief period. He began playing guitar at age
ten.  By age fourteen Bruce moved to the bass guitar and started playing
rock, blues and later jazz.  His first bass guitar teacher was Anthony
Evangelista who taught the basic fingerings and reading skills as well as
simple chord outline.

he began freelancing in the Boston area and soon built a reputation as a
versatile player and soloist on both acoustic and electric bass.  Gertz
became associated with Ken Cervenka, Bill Frisell, Kermit Driscoll, Phillipe
Saisse, Mick Goodrick, Mike Stern, George Garzone, Bob Gullotti, John Scofield,
Bob Kaufman, Jerry Bergonzi, Joe Hunt, Jerome Harris, Tommy Campbell, Leni
Stern, Joe Lovano, Billy Drewes, Ted Lo, Kenny Werner, Gray Sargent, John
Wheatley, Eric Gunnison, Mike Dooner, Larry Klugh, Mike and Pat Metheny, Tim
Horner, Matt Wilson, D.Sharpe, James Williams, Greg Hopkins, Jaimie Baum,
Makoto Ozone, Joe Cohn and many other top players in Boston between from the
1970’s to the present.   

         Bruce went
on to study advanced improvisation with Charlie Banacos, world-renowned jazz
guru.  This graduate type of study lasted six years and to this day the
material remains valuable for practice.

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