ISB 2019 Convention Presenter — David Baker

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Name: David Baker
Presentation Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019 2:00 PM
Presentation Venue: Lecture 2
Presentation Title: The Double Bass in Jazz: It's Evolution from 1920 to 1950
Type of Presentation: Lecture
Musical Style: Jazz

Bassist David Baker is an accomplished performer, composer, and pedagogue. His style is rhythmic and driving yet melodically sensitive, akin to the approach of his primary influences, Ray Brown and Larry Gales. Some of his noteworthy performances across the nation include playing at the Jazz Education Network Conference and the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival. Beyond performing, he has forged a name for himself as a jazz composer.  Notably, David had a selection of his works recorded by the MA Jazz Ensemble in 2015 and has had numerous pieces performed by universities across the country. He has held teaching positions at Georgia State University, Columbus State University and the University of Northern Colorado, where he is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree as a Teaching Assistant.

Program (if available): Not Provided