ISB 2019 Convention Presenter — Lynn Hannings

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Name: Lynn Hannings
Presentation Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 12:30 PM
Presentation Venue: MAC Stage
Presentation Title: Project for All Gender Equality Round Table Discussion
Type of Presentation: Panel Discussion
Musical Style: Other
Bio: Lynn Hannings is a Double Bassist in the Portland (Maine) Symphony Orchestra. She has served on the PSO Board of Directors Strategic Planning Committee, focusing on education and community outreach. She presently serves as the Curriculum Coordinator for the PSO Explorers Program which was awarded the Yale Distinguished Music Educators Award for the development of a Kindergarten through Third Grade program assisting public school teachers reach student literacy goals through music.
Ms. Hannings is also a bowmaker and restorer working out of her home in Freeport, Maine. Her training included a Fulbright Scholarship to study bowmaking in Paris, France. 
She served as President of the Board of the IPCI-USA, a non-profit working to conserve and reforest Pernambuco. 
She was involved in the development of the survey that will be used for the upcoming Project for All Gender Equality presentation in June. As one of an active group involved with this important issue, she wishes to thank all those who returned the survey and hopes to see many of you at this important event at ISB.
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