ISB 2023 Convention Presenter — Ranaan Meyer

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Name: Ranaan Meyer
Website: http://www.TimeforThree
Presentation Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 9:00 AM
Presentation Venue: Watkins Lecture Hall
Presentation Title: Performance Anxiety
Presented / Performed Previous ISB Convention? No
Type of Presentation: Lecture
Multi Grammy Nominated, Emmy award winning, and Gold record Double Bassist Ranaan Meyer is most known as a founding member and performer with the string trio Time for Three, Founder and Artistic Director of Honeywell Arts Academy, and as a solo performing artist, composer and educator.

As a soloist, Ranaan most recently composed his first concerto for double bass and orchestra entitled: ‘Concerto for My Family’ (2021) which is his homage to the people who lifted him up all along the way. It consists of 5 movements and is the essence of Ranaan’s compositional style you can hear through Time for Three from the last 20 years. Spending most of his time developing musically in Philadelphia playing the local jazz clubs with some of the most iconic musicians in jazz today. He also is an alumnus of The Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, Temple Prep, Manhattan School of Music, and the Curtis Institute of Music. Ranaan co-founded Time for Three while at Curtis but prior to Time for Three's demanding touring schedule he spent several weeks per year performing and touring in the double bass section of The Philadelphia Orchestra. Although his core training was in Classical and Jazz, Ranaan's curiosity has taken him to multiple genres of music. 

Ranaan is in demand around the world presenting workshops in entrepreneurship, improvisation, memorization, performance preparation, teamwork, and overall, outside-the-box learning. He has also recorded on Michael Jackson’s final album earning a gold record and made multiple recordings with NFL films. Most of all, Meyer’s long term vision is to empower the universe to listen through THE SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE and believes if we keep the listening valve turned on there will always be potential.
Program (if available): Not Provided