ISB 2023 Convention Presenter — Betsy Soukup

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Name: Betsy Soukup
Presentation Date: Saturday, June 10, 2023 11:00 AM
Presentation Venue: Britton Recital Hall
Presentation Title: Betsy Soukup, Begin Again: Songs for bass and voice
Presented / Performed Previous ISB Convention? Yes
Type of Presentation: Recital
Genre: New Music

Betsy Soukup is a bassist, composer, and improvisor living in northern Michigan. She studied classical music for seventeen years, but currently focuses her creative energy on playing freely improvised music, writing and performing her own compositions, writing poetry, and performing comedy improv. In all of her attempts at creating something out of nothing, she traverses the lines between play, self-expression, and meditation in an effort to get out of her own way.

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