ISB 2023 Convention - Volunteer Application

ISB 2023 Convention Website
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
June 5-10, 2023
Volunteer Registration Deadline: March 5, 2023

On-Campus Housing / Meals

VOLUNTEER positions are available for the ISB 2023 Convention Positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Official ISB volunteers receive comped registrations for the convention. Volunteers are "AmBASSadors" to convention attendees, so a friendly, patient, and helpful attitude is a must!

You may also email a resume (optional) to , with subject line "ISB 2023 Convention Volunteer Application."

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Volunteer Details

I feel best suited to volunteer in the following area(s): (Check all that apply)
  Social Media Platforms
       Other (please specify)

Social Media Presence
       Creating Followers
       Posting Conversational Posts / Trending Posts
       Creating Hashtags

Zoom and Other Virtual Meeting Platforms
       Managing Meetings
       Monitoring Questions and Polls
       Managing Attendees into Meetings
       Managing Breakout Rooms

Video & Image Files
       I am very familiar with different kinds of video and image files
       I have experience in editing video files
       I have experience with creating and/or editing images

PowerPoint / Slides
       I am very comfortable creating and editing
       I will need some help but will catch on quickly
I have the following: (Check all that apply)
  High Speed Internet Connection
Smart Phone
Computer / Laptop
iPad / Tablet
When it comes to learning new technology platforms:
  I learn quickly
I will need some help, but will catch on
I am not comfortable learning new technology
If you selected Translator above, please list the languages that you speak in addition to English.
Have you volunteered at a previous ISB?
If so, when? (Check all that apply)
  2005 Kalamazoo, MI
2007 Oklahoma City, OK
2009 State College, PA
2011 San Francisco, CA
2013 Rochester, NY
2015 Fort Collins, CO
2017 Ithaca, NY
2019 Bloomington, IN
My previous volunteer service was in the following area(s): (Check all that apply)
  Room Monitor
Registration Desk
ISB Convention Store Sales
Page Turner
Young Bassist Program Support Staff
Production / Stage Hand
Social Media
Exhibit Hall (including help with move-in and move-out)
Other Previous Volunteer
Service Area:
Registration Type:
  If you selected Family or Guest above, please provide the name of the convention registrant for whom you are family / guest of:

Recommendation (Optional)

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(You may also email an optional resume to , with subject line "ISB 2023 Convention Volunteer Application.")

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Terms: This application is submitted in consideration of the use of the facilities of University of Michigan during the ISB 2023 Convention. It is understood and agreed that all facilities of University of Michigan will be used by attendees at their sole risk, and that attendees shall hold University of Michigan and the International Society of Bassists harmless for personal injury or property damage resulting from participation in the ISB 2023 Convention, either on and off the premises of University of Michigan. By registering for this convention, the attendee agrees to abide by the rules of University of Michigan and the ISB, and agrees to use of his or her image and audio clips (no complete performances) in the ISB's publication, on its website, and in its communications. University of Michigan and the ISB reserve the right to eject any disruptive person(s) from the venue, and University of Michigan and the ISB will not be liable for any refunds or damages that might be sustained through the exercise of this right.
Please specify if you require any special dietary, health, or housing needs to fully participate in the meeting.
Will you have a car? Yes
I need to rent a bass: Yes
Traveling By: Plane
Will your bass be in a trunk? Yes
Do you wish to perform in Masterclasses for ages 18 and up?
Yes — If Yes, you will be sent a link to the Masterclass Participant Application. Be sure to fill it out.
Arrival Date:
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Arrival Time:
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Departure Date:
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I'll Be Staying: On Campus
At a Hotel
With Family or Friends
T-Shirt: T-shirt Draft Pre-order your convention t-shirt by indicating the quantity you desire below. The t-shirt will have the logo as shown to the right, black design on gray 100% cotton shirt. Shirts are available in adult sizes. Prices include shipping / handling for U.S. mailing addresses. International mailing addresses will be charged an additional $10 shipping / handling.

Image shown is a draft design. Please refer to this sizing chart for adult sizes.

Size Choice:
Registration Date: 1/26/2023