Stolen Basses


Stolen out of a vehicle early morning October 22, 2012, in Hyde Park,  Austin, a 1950s double bass made by Hofner Altiers for Lewis and Sons.  Bass has well-worn Eurosonic strings, almost green. Very definable  scrapes, which can be provided upon request. Tobacco stain on inside of  headstock. Three stickers on inside of bass, one for Hofner under  right-side f-hole, one for Lewis & Sons with serial number, and one  for Gold's Violin Shop, with inventory number. Bass did not have end-pin  when stolen. Adjustable bridge, solid back piece, two-piece solid  front, wood shoulder guards. Bag with bass is a ProTec 7/8 bass bag,  canvas, with two French bows (student model with serial # carved into  the bow by the frog, salt and pepper hair, and another bow worth about  $1,000, stallion hair bleached white) in a removable bow bag with velcro  closures. Also in bag could be a DigiTech chromatic pedal tuner, a  handheld chromatic tuner and various classical music. Stolen along with  bass was a 2000 watt bass head with the Sunn logo painted on the top. No  rack mount brackets on it, and has the -15db push button completely  removed. Also one of the speaker jacks on the rear of the head has no  locking o ring to keep it in place. Other than the Fender name  the  serial number sticker, the Sunn name is on the front, back, top and  bottom of this head. Also stolen was a B100 bass amplifier by Ampeg, the  old model, handle is coming apart on the top, rust on the volume plate,  and no Ampeg name on the front. This one has a metallic gray felt  speaker cover and charcoal blue/gray covering the body. Charcoal  blue/gray vinyl covering the body, holes for castors on the bottom,  obviously home-made. Call James Sproat at 512-422-0354 with any  information. Also call the Austin Police Department at 512-974-5000 and  reference case #125-047258.