Stolen Basses


Christopher Seagraves is a third year jazz performance major at the University of Miami. On December 29, 2019, his off-campus residence was robbed. Chris lost both his electric and upright basses. A police report was filed that day, but as of right now, there is no word on the missing instruments. The double bass does not have a label inside. It is a European shop bass made from Lombardi poplar, flatback, violin corners, from the mid to late 20th century (possibly 1970s or 1980s). Protective pads were added to the left side (away from the player) of the bass. The bass has Evah Pirazzi light gauge strings with green wrapping at the bottom, and a David Gage Realist pickup under one of the feet of the bridge. It was last seen in a black Bobeloch case along with a German fiberglass blow (encased in a Protec A228 bass bow case) and some Kolstein rosin. If you have any leads or have seen this bass, please contact Chris Seagraves,

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Seagraves Stolen Bass 1 Seagraves Stolen Bass 2
Seagraves Stolen Bass 3 Seagraves Stolen Bass 4