ISB 2015 Convention Videos

Browse through the one-minute trailers below, then login or join the ISB to view entire presentations from the 2015 ISB convention, which was held June 1st-6th at Colorado State University's Center for the Arts in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tyler Abbott
Ray's Blues: How to Sound Like Ray Brown While Walking the Blues

John Adams
John Adams - Trio jazz performance

Recital Program

Frederic Alarie

Doug Basye
The life of a bass player or What happens to the 99 people who don't win the job.

Adam Booker
Double Bass Techniques of the Early Jazz era

Fausto Borem
Voice and Bass from Brazil

Recital Program

Renaud Boucher-Browning
Musical Athletes: Yoga, Pilates, and Body Awareness Techniques for Bassists of All Ages

Recital Program

Jeff Bradetich
Bottesini Concerto No. 2; An in-depth analysis of phrasing, bowings and fingerings

Joel Braun
The School of Agility Decoded: Exploring the Technique and Fingering System of Eugene Levinson

Kevin Brown
Audition Preparation Beyond the Practice Room: Raising awareness to meet higher musical standards on your own tems

Erik Deines
CSU's Laplace Bass Quartet

Recital Program

Scott Dixon

Recital Program

Virginia Dixon
Gaining Skills as a Teacher

Paul Ellison
Master Class

Paul Erhard
Improve your intonation with Indian tambura drones. Play Bach Suites and Beethoven 9 recitative in tune!

Giuseppe Ettorre
Bach, Mozart, Bottesini, Piazzolla: different sounds and styles of the double-bass

Recital Program

Dean Ferrell
Dragonetti's Lost Years (1808-1814)

Lou Fischer
BASSic Connection: Kamil Erdem - Lou Fischer Bass Duo

Simon Garcia
Simon Garcia SoundWorld

Recital Program

Bruce Gertz
Bruce Gertz Trio

Recital Program

Tobias Gloeckler
The Famous Solo - DRAGONETTI'S own favourite showpiece

Recital Program

Lloyd Goldstein
Arts In Medicine at The Moffitt Cancer Center: Working as a Certified Music Practitioner, Delivering Therapeutic Music to Patients, Families and Visitors at a Nationally Recognized Cancer Institue

Irina-Kalina Goudeva
Recomenzar el Infinito

Recital Program

Linda Grace
Structural and Movement Health for Bass Players

Sebastian Gramss
ATOPIA (Jazz / New Music / Contemporary ) Solo Double bass

Recital Program

Emilio Guarino
Inspiring the Bass Music of the Future

Recital Program

Hans Halt
Melodic soloing for the beg/int bassist

Alexander Hanna
Orchestral Repertoire Masterclass

Matthias Heyman
"The Forgotten Bassist": Lost Lessons from Jimmie Blanton

Amanda Johnson
En Fuego and Altitude Double Bass Quartets

Recital Program

Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson Trio, Featuring Pianist Art Lande & Saxophonist Peter Sommer

Mimi Jones
Career Advice: The Business of Music

Randall Kertz
Injury Prevention Strategies and Techniques Identified and Discussed for Practice, Performance and Life

Tom Knific
USAF Falconaires with John Clayton and Tom Knific

Recital Program

Kristin Korb
Finding Home

Chris Kosky
A Conversation with a Jazz Legend

Karol Kowal
No Piano Attached: Insight into European Solo Bass Repertoire

Recital Program

William Lakeberg
Ask a Luthier

Tod Leavitt
Two New String Quintets

Alan Lewine
Soprano Meets Contrabass

Recital Program

Barry Lieberman
Orchestral solo master class

Gaelen McCormick
Putting the music first - a guide to practicing

Recital Program

Leigh Mesh
Master Class

Jordan Morton
Jordan Morton - double bass and voice

Mark Morton
Marcello: Complete Cello Sonatas

Recital Program

Rob Nairn
Duos for Viola and Double Bass

Recital Program

Juan Pablo Navarro
A Tango A Secret Code II: The Art of Tango Phrasing in Astor Piazzolla Music

Volkan Orhon
Little bit of everthing!

Jimmi Roger Pedersen
Bass Duo from Scandinavia

Gene Perla
Music Business Review

Brian Perry
Orchestral Masterclass

Johnterryl Plumeri
Johnterryl Plumeri Original Works for Double Bass and Piano

Recital Program

John Michael Priester
Intonation, Your Bass, and You: Exploring the Resonance Model of Intonation

Frank Proto
Frank Proto Masterclass

Morten Ramsboel
Bass Duo from Scandinavia

Rufus Reid
The Chamber Music of Rufus Reid

Recital Program

Jorge Roeder
Peruvian Songs and Improvisations

Robin Ruscio
Mindfulness and Music: Psychological Techniques to Enhance Practice and Performance

Nathaniel Sabat
Bluegrass Bass Playing: A Detailed 4-Step Approach

Paul Sharpe
Bad Boyz 10th Anniversary Recital

Recital Program

Brett Shurtliffe
Sacred Solo Music for the Double Bass

Recital Program

Jiri Slavik
Jazz Concert

Daniel Stotz
Joseph Prunner

Hans Sturm
The Double Bass Fingering Buffet: Helping Students Explore the Wide Variety of Expressive Choices

Dan Styffe
Recital including many US premieres

Recital Program

Craig Thomas
The Jazz Bassist as Composer

Dennis Trembly
Master Class

Jeff Turner
Audition Success: A review of the common threads from Bass World's Hot Shots / In the Zone columns.

Jack Unzicker
167 Hours: Practice Strategies for Teachers and Students to Get the Most Out of the Time Between Lessons

P Kellach Waddle
Of Vampires and Vegas: New Music Composed and Performed by P.Kellach Waddle

Recital Program

Garry Wasserman
Made in America: A History of North American Bass Making

Ron Wasserman
JP Jofre Hard Tango Chamber Band

Derek Weller
College audition panel discussion

Remy Yulzari
Jewish Travels with my Double Bass

Recital Program

Diego Zecharies
Music from the XX &XXI Century

Recital Program

Danny Ziemann
Teaching and Implementing New Methods For Jazz Bass Line Construction