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About Bass World

Since the founding of the ISB in 1967 the world of the bass has expanded and evolved. With the rise of the new generation of talented players, the continual contributions of established bassists, and a new place for the bass in popular culture, the bass is achieving new and exciting levels of prominence in music.

Bass World magazine, the official membership magazine of the ISB, celebrates and explores the culture, diversity, history, methodology, and sheer enjoyment of playing the bass. We're looking for articles concerning all aspects and manners of bass playing, including pedagogy, repertoire, performers, history and instrument maintenance written by bass players and other interested individuals.

To Submit an Article for Publication

  • All manuscripts are subject to editing for length and style appropriate for the general ISB membership. First-time contributors are advised to examine recent issues of the magazine, or to contact the editor for more information. Suggestions for reviews (music, books and recordings) are also gratefully received.
  • Article length usually ranges from 250 words for a review to 3,500 words for a full-length feature.
  • Contributions should be new, previously unpublished material or interpretations. Contributors are advised to consult the editor and / or the ISB Journal Index if the suitability of their material is in doubt.
  • Articles may be submitted for consideration at any time to the editor of the Bass World by email. Send submissions to: .
  • Any musical examples created with a music software program should be submitted by mail both as a printout and as a high resolution JPG or PDF file. Handwritten musical examples are acceptable if they are professional in appearance. It is the author's responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce from the copyright holder if the musical example is copyrighted.
  • Photographs and artwork to support the article are most welcome! Again, it is the author's responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce any images accompanying an article submission. To be safe, do not send original photos.
  • Authors are encouraged to send a short biographical paragraph about themselves and to include a more extensive resume for paraphrasing.
  • Any questions should be directed to editor Connie Martin by email at or through written correspondence at:
    Bass World, International Society of Bassists
    14070 Proton Rd.
    Suite 100
    Dallas, TX 75244