President's Corner — Volume 46 #2

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My Dear Bass Family,

I can hardly believe it has been more than a half year since we were all together in Ann Arbor, enjoying the late evening sunlight, and digging into new ideas and fantastic playing every day. As we endure the long, dark winter days where I live in upstate New York, it causes me to reflect and turn inward more, thinking about what matters in the year ahead. What seeds do I want to sow now that will flourish in the sunshine of spring and summer?

Many of us make new year's resolutions, but that always felt like a task list. And I was certain to abandon it with the ensuing guilt of giving up some lofty goal. So, I've found something that works better for me. One guiding word, something of a touchstone that I can reflect on during the year. In 2021, that word was VITALITY as I sought to remember how to keep growing in the midst of the pandemic. In 2022, the word became JOY after seeing so much division in the United States. I wondered how could I continue to find joy in small ways? And 2023 was NOURISH because honestly, I was running myself ragged and not focused on the simple daily rituals that would nourish my mind, body, and musical spirit. 2024's word is . . . not decided as of this writing! As you think about your year ahead, how do you frame your work and your life?

Looking forward to 2024, I am delighted to share that we have over 200 new members aged 25 and under who have joined us as part of the initiative from the Al Fisher fund to help support younger players. We welcome you to your ISB family! I also want to welcome our new board members: Joel Braun (Austin, Texas), Education Chair; Gabriele Ragghianti (Lucca, Italy), International Team Chair; Dennis Whittaker (Houston, Texas), Young Bassists Chair; and Mark Morton (Lubbock, Texas) as our board adjunct Competition Chair. And a huge thank you to our board members who have recently completed their service: Tracy Rowell (Cleveland, Ohio), Travis Harrison (Toronto, Ontario), John Schimek (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), and Andrew Kohn (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

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