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The ISB was founded by the world-renowned virtuoso Gary Karr in 1967. With some 3,000 members in over 40 countries, the ISB is an organization for those who teach, study, play, repair, build and enjoy the double bass. The ISB is a forum for communication among bassists throughout the world and across a wide variety of musical styles. Members receive our journal, Bass World, three times per year and are the first to receive email communications regarding upcoming events, bass news, and more. Every two years the ISB holds an international convention and double bass competition, a composition contest, and now, a makers competition. If you love the double bass, become a member of the International Society of Bassists today!

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Announcing the ISB Al Fisher Age 25 & Under Membership Grant Program

You've been putting it off. We understand. If you are age 25 and under as you read this, we have a year's free membership for you, no strings (except the bass kind) attached! And if you are age 25 and under and already a member, you can add a year to your existing membership - we appreciate you!

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If you're a teacher, performer, luthier, vendor or hobbyist, share this opportunity your bass friends age 25 and under!

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ISB / Gary Karr Rental Library

The ISB Online Store has relaunched on the Shopify platform, with a sharp new look and improved mobile functionality. Browse through hundreds of products offered by ISB members - music scores, methods, books, recordings and of course, The Gary Karr Store.

President's Corner

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When I first started coming to ISB conventions back in 1999, it was overwhelming in the best way! I saw performances that exceeded my wildest expectations, such creativity in repertoire, excellence in teaching, and of course the camaraderie is incredible . . . .

Call for Site Proposals

ISB 2025 Convention

Have you attended ISB conventions in the past and wondered how the ISB selects its convention sites?

We are seeking invitations from potential host colleges and universities!

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Members receive Bass World magazine three times a year in the mail, as a digital flipbook, or both!

Read the latest issue of Bass World, Volume 46 Number 1, as we celebrate the 2023 ISB Convention.

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Make a Donation

If you love the double bass and benefit from the many ways the ISB brings the worldwide double bass community together, then we need your support!


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Members can be listed in our Teacher and Luthier directories. Looking for an instructor? Looking for a studio or shop that does repairs or sells instruments and accessories? Search for teachers or luthiers by name or location.

Bass Insurance

Anderson Insurance

ISB members in good standing are eligible for a group rate on instrument insurance from Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC.

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George Vance Online Resource Library

ISB Members may browse through 40+ years of publications and learn more about the double bass's history and future in the George Vance Online Resource Library.