Research Competition — Past Winners

2014 | 2018 | 2020

2020 ISB Research Competition

Grand Prize Winner, Professional Category
Musculoskeletal Symptoms of Double Bassists: A Literature Synthesis
By Frances Levenderis, Cape Town, South Africa, and Dr. Bridget Rennie-Salonen, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Grand Prize Winner, Student Category
Sperger's Cadenzas for His Contrabass Concertos
By Renaud Boucher-Browning, Boise, Idaho

2018 ISB Research Competition

Grand Prize Winner, Professional Category
Intonation in the Performance of the Double Bass
By Fausto Borém of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Guilherme Menezes Lage of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Grand Prize Winner, Student Category
The Downbeat Bites the Dust
By Sarah Lahasky of Austin, Texas

Honorable Mention, Student Category
Defining the Orchestral Role
By Renaud Boucher-Browning of Montreal, Canada

2014 ISB Research Competition

Winner, Professional Category
Beethoven, the Viennese Violone, and the Problem of Lower Compass
By Stephen Buckley

Honorable Mention, Professional Category
Lino Jozé Nunes's 1838 Methodo: Historical, Analytical and Editorial Aspects of an Afro-Brazilian Double Bass Jewel
By Fausto Borém, Alfredo Ribeiro, Gustavo Neves, João Paulo Campos, and Rodrigo Olivarez

Winner, Student Category
Examination of Mid-Nineteenth Century Double Bass Playing Based on A. Müller and F.C. Franke's Debate in the Neue Zeitung für Music, 1848-1851
By Shanti Nachtergaele