2022 Research Competition — Call for Papers

The International Society of Bassists is calling for previously unpublished papers reflecting a high quality of scholarship in a wide variety of disciplines relevant to the double bass. Topics may be presented from any number of different perspectives or disciplines, such as historical musicology, classical or jazz performance practice, pedagogy, lutherie, iconography, biography and/or analysis, and may deal with subjects stemming from any period in the instrument's history up to the present.


Submitted by September 1, 2022

There will be a professional category and a student category. Authors submitting papers in the professional category are scholars or practitioners, or both, who are finished with their formal institutional studies and have embarked on a professional career. Authors submitting papers in the student category must be enrolled in an academic program on an undergraduate or graduate level and be actively pursuing completion of that degree as their primary focus at the time of their submission.

Submission Guidelines for the 2022 ISB Research Competition

  • Length should not exceed 10,000 words. Contributions must be new, previously unpublished material.
  • Include an abstract that describes the content of the paper in submission materials. The name or identification of the author must not appear in the abstract.
  • The official language of the ISB Research Competition is English. Authors are required to submit their document in English, or provide an English translation, before the article may be considered.
  • Before submitting papers and the entrance fee, authors are advised to consult issues of the ISB's Online Journal of Bass Research (OJBR) or contact the chair of the ISB Research Competition, or both, with any questions concerning tone or content, or if the suitability of their material is in doubt.
  • Authors are expected to conform to recognized citation styles outlined by the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, or APA.
  • Papers should be submitted as PDF files.
  • It is the author's responsibility to obtain permission for including/reproducing any copyrighted material. The ISB will not obtain copyright permission for authors. Authors may wait until after competition results are announced to obtain copyright permission, but papers will not be published in OJBR if copyright permission is not granted for use of music examples and artwork in the OJBR publication.
  • Authors of winning papers selected for online publication will be asked to submit a Word file of the winning paper. Any footnotes must be converted to endnotes, and all musical examples, photographs, tables, figures and illustrations must be submitted as separate digital files, in addition to embedding them within the body of the Word document as the author wishes them to appear.
  • Questions about suitability of material, choice of subject, or tone? Please, email the chair of the ISB Research Competition.

Papers will be adjudicated anonymously by a panel of recognized scholars and practitioners. There will be one winner for the professional category and one winner for the student category. Winners will be announced on or shortly after DECEMBER 1, 2022.


$500 for the winner of each category. Winners will be invited to present their research papers at the 2023 ISB Convention, and their winning papers will be published in the Online Journal of Bass Research.

Anonymous Submissions Online

To enter, follow the instructions here, https://app.getacceptd.com/isb.

Entrance Fee

$30, non-refundable, for each paper submitted.


Call 972-233-9107 x204, fax 972-490-4219, or .