ISB 2023 Convention Presenters

As a non-profit organization that puts its revenues back to work for its membership, we rely on ISB members to help make the convention a great experience for everyone who attends. We are grateful for the many presenters over the years who have donated their time, travel and talent as a way of giving back to the worldwide bass community.

The ISB Welcomes Our 2023 Headliners

(Artists subject to change)

Bass Extremes (Steve Bailey & Victor Wooten)
Nina DeCesare
Vincent Dupont, 2021 ISB Jazz Competition winner
Marion Hayden
Jason Henery, 2021 ISB Solo Competition winner
The Julian Lage Trio, featuring Jorge Roeder
Michigan Bass Evening
Time for Three, featuring Ranaan Meyer

The following is a tentative list of convention presenters, subject to change. Click on a Presentation Title to see more information about the presenter and their presentation.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Name Presentation Title Time
Shawn Alger Domenico Dragonetti and the Eb Sextet of Cipriani Potter 12:00 AM
Nina Bernat Recital 12:00 AM
Susan Cahill Susan Cahill and Jon Wilkerson Present 12:00 AM
Domi Edson Domi Edson Trio 12:00 AM
Utah Hamrick Like a Horn Player: a method for improved solo articulation and speed on the upright bass 12:00 AM
Alexander Hanna Orchestra masterclass/TBD Bottesini w/Muti? 12:00 AM
Petru Iuga From J.S.Bach to Folk music 12:00 AM
Sonia Ray Brazilian Music by Qualea Trio 12:00 AM
Brett Shurtliffe The Solo Works of Edouard Nanny (not the Dragonetti Concerto) 12:00 AM
Derek Weller College audition and application panel discussion 12:00 AM
Aaron White Orchestral Masterclass 12:00 AM
Ali Yazdanfar Sayeh-Roshan, (Chiaroscuro) New Persian Works for Bass and Piano 12:00 AM
Samuel Zagnit Bass Players for Black Composers: Live at ISB 12:00 AM

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Name Presentation Title Time
Kate Alexandra Putting the Us in Music: Six New Works by Women Composers 12:00 AM
Andrea Beyer Music for Social Change - what we can do and how to get started 12:00 AM
Robert Black Murmur in the Trees 12:00 AM
Fausto Borem Tribute to Henrique Oswald's 170 Years, Alexander Scriabin's 150 Years & Bill Mays' 80 Years 12:00 AM
Brian Casey Bass in the Big Easy: A Survey of Oral Histories from Influential New Orleans Bassists of the Early 20th Century 12:00 AM
Han-Jui Chen Compositional innovations and Performing strategies of composers of Chinese heritage 12:00 AM
Valentina Ciardelli Ruutsu - The Girls in The Magnesium Dress 12:00 AM
Nina DeCesare Recital - Nina DeCesare 12:00 AM
Peter Dominguez Bass Class 12:00 AM
Christie Echols Double Bass and Ableton Live - Techniques for live electronic Improvisation 12:00 AM
George Fahlund The Bass-ics: Talking to non bassists about how to teach bass in a classroom setting. 12:00 AM
Hilliard Greene Negro Spirituals from the Underground Railroad - When Folksongs Bring Freedom 12:00 AM
Kieran Hanlon Implementing George Vance's Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass in a Collegiate Studio 12:00 AM
Robin Kesselman Bow Speed Geography 12:00 AM
Krista Kopper Free Improvisation Concert 12:00 AM
Rodrigo Mata Alvarez Sones de la Tierra 12:00 AM
Mariechen Meyer Contemporary Double Bass Techniques: An Advanced Technical Approach 12:00 AM
Jesse Mogale Heritage From An African Continent 12:00 AM
Kris Monson The Role of the Bass in Bossa Nova 12:00 AM
Mark Morton Mark Morton performs Pilar Aguilar's Paisajes Latinos 1 & 2 12:00 AM
Jamie Ousley East Meets West--Jazz & Classical Bass Duet 12:00 AM
Joseph Straker Double Bass Audition Excerpts and Pieces 12:00 AM
Melissa Straus Bass as an Instrument of Healing: Exploring the double bass in the healing arts 12:00 AM
Shigefumi Tomita Celebrating Bird: A Tribute To Charlie Parker 12:00 AM
Maggie Urquhart Rediscovering a distant sound world; a presentation on two violones 12:00 AM
Jacob Warren Rhythmic and Groove Bowing 12:00 AM
Garry Wasserman American Bass Makers, An Update 12:00 AM
Yung-chiao Wei Uncover Effortless Ways of Playing the Double Bass Beethoven Project 12:00 AM
Martin Wind Martin Wind's New York Bass Quartet: Air 12:00 AM

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Name Presentation Title Time
Philip Alejo Goin' Home: A Tribute to Diana Gannett 12:00 AM
Stephan Crump Stephan Crump - solo from tunes to the moon - performance and workshop on improvisation and feel 12:00 AM
Pascale Delache-Feldman Duo Cello e Basso- Music of the Americas 12:00 AM
Caroline Doane Intentional Tuning: An Exploration in Bass Balance 12:00 AM
Mark Dresser Bass Forward: Adaptations, Extensions, Augmentations 12:00 AM
Michael Fanelli Fundamentals of Paul Rolland’s Double Bass Pedagogy (co-presenter with Renata Caceres) 12:00 AM
Lloyd Goldstein Music, Life and Death: Music and Reflections on Fifteen Years as a Certified Music Practitioner 12:00 AM
Caitlyn Kamminga TAKE NOTE: IDEA gathering on how the ISB can best support accessibility to instruments and education for its international membership. 12:00 AM
Robert Kassinger Jazz Recital with Rob Kassinger 12:00 AM
Randall Kertz Injury Prevention for the Educator: Things Your Students (and you) Need to Know 12:00 AM
Robin Kesselman Masterclass 12:00 AM
Braun Khan UTB3: The Utah Bass Trio 12:00 AM
Isaline Leloup A Viennese Afternoon 12:00 AM
Louis Levitt Sybarite5: Rite on Time 12:00 AM
Omar Martinez-Sandoval The Mexican double bass catalog 12:00 AM
Mariechen Meyer Yellow Wood Forest Trails 12:00 AM
Shanti Nachtergaele The Early History of the Double Bassist 12:00 AM
Marlene Rosenberg Bass Reflections 12:00 AM
Sam Suggs Sam Suggs - Recital 12:00 AM
Codi Takacs The Walkable Bass 12:00 AM
Nicholas Walker Paul Ellison Masterclass 12:00 AM
Ali Yazdanfar Acheiving your Full Musical Potential: A Masterclass with Ali Kian Yazdanfar 12:00 AM

Friday, June 9, 2023

Name Presentation Title Time
Gregg August "Dragonetti, I Apologize" Reimaginings of the Dragonetti Waltzes 12:00 AM
Desmond Bratton Desmondo Eclectica- Songs Along the Path 12:00 AM
Miles Brown Miles Brown's Middle Game 12:00 AM
Nathaniel De La Cruz Concerto 12:00 AM
Carlo De Rosa The Early Development of Afro-Latin Jazz Bass through the work of Israel 12:00 AM
Christie Echols The Modification of Oneself for bass, vocals, electronics, and multimedia 12:00 AM
Carlos Gaviria To B sharp or not to B sharp: Strategies and Techniques to Improve Intonation in Young Bassists 12:00 AM
Barry Green Buckeye Basses from The Ohio State University 12:00 AM
Susan Hagen For ME? BASSically Beautiful Music written by people from around the World 12:00 AM
Lynn Hannings Bass Making/Bow Making: Materials, Alternatives, Conservation and Ethical Sourcing 12:00 AM
Szymon Marciniak World Premiere: Music of Frank Proto 12:00 AM
Alexandre Ritter Lecture Recital 12:00 AM
Paul Robinson Practicing with Efficiency: Making the Most of Revised Etudes 12:00 AM
Tracy Rowell Bach and Rabbath 12:00 AM
Robert Sabin Andy Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band – Traditions and Revelations 12:00 AM
Edward Shillitoe Historic bass bows 12:00 AM
Hans Sturm 75 Years on 4 Strings: The Life and Music of François Rabbath 12:00 AM

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Name Presentation Title Time
Kevin Brown Bach/Orchestral Masterclass 12:00 AM
Scott Dixon Excerpt Arrangements Recital 12:00 AM
Claus Freudenstein Claus Freudenstein & Friends present 12:00 AM
Ed Mingo Double Bass String Construction 12:00 AM
Elizabeth Soukup Betsy Soukup, Begin Again: Songs for bass and voice 12:00 AM
Name Presentation Title Time
Jeremy Baguyos The T-shaped Professional: Teaching the
David Baker Early Jazz to Country Swing: How to Teach Yourself Slap Technique on Upright Bass
Andi Beckendorf Stick To It: Strategies for Practicing Developing Bow Holds
Hagai Bilitzky Arabic Music and the Bass - HD fingerboard
Robert Black Murmur in the Trees
Joshua Davis Vardan Ovsepian Group in Concert
John Hamil Weird, Wacky, and Potentially Dangerous— Creativity at the fore front of young bassists instruction.
Travis Harrison Canadian School of Double Bass Technique Class
Eddie Hasspacher Ann Arbor Public Schools Young Bassists Performance
Kate Jones Group Class for Every Bass Studio
Ron Merhavi Hidden Treasures
Crystal Rebone Bass Trio in the Jazz World: How to Improvise and Arrange for a Jazz Bass Trio and Voice
John Schimek How to Successfully Audition for College
Renata Soares Caceres Fundamentals of Paul Rolland’s Double Bass Pedagogy
Codi Takacs Music In Progress
Dennis Whittaker Element Juggling: Incredibly Useful Exercises for Expressive Element Development